Rethinking the Future of Business

The economies of scale principle has been at the heart of most management strategies. It worked and still works for value lines. But things are changing and with the growth of 3d printers not just 
Networked Economyat the maker level but also as part of the production line, brands will have to rethink their value proposition.

Once it was great that consumers could afford items through mass production. A few years ago brands such as Nike brough customisation to the brand identity but we are evolving past customisation. We need to think about the future differently.

Yes I have created blog post about how 3D printing will change the customer role, but it is more than that…we are on the verge of a new networked economy. The fact that ideas can be translated from pixels to atoms relatively quickly changes the marketing and social networking in business.

Social networking extends beyond the person, it is extending to ideas, to the ability to link idea to production. A business social network of the future will not just be connecting to the consumer, it will be about connecting the consumer's idea to production.

It will be about connecting your production line from economies of scale to economies of value.

The marketing strategy has changed from mass production to mass customisation already…the next step will be to customisation for the masses. 3D technology is often talked about in relation to the consumer themselves, but a business opportunity lies internally within your business.

If the business can start evolving now from mass production to machinery that produces a million items totally customised as cheaply as a million of the same….why would't you gain thatmarketing advantage? And why would the mass consumer need to buy a 3D printer?

Future thinking is not about doing better what we do today internally, it is about providing value to the consumer in different ways….

…change happens, change is driven by humans need for something special..why wait until you have to…change now and you won't have to hire change management consultants to change your culture for you!

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