How to Influence Google Rankings

GoogleLessonGoogle relies on us to tell it who we like, who we recommend, what we produce.

When you are talking about social media marketing, it is often easy to think that Google controls your destiny….but Google only responds from our input…

It relies on our content, people linking to our content to help it decide which content readers should see.

Therefore social media is not about trying to persuade Google you should be on the first page, it is about persuading your audience to link, to like, to share…so they influence Google.

  • So yes it is about SEO but only in the sense of making sure you write content that people are searching for….
  • So yes it is about website architecture but only to the extent that it makes the reader want to share, easy to share and emotionally connect them to your brand.
  • So yes it is about 'marketing' but in the sense of humans speaking to humans

So yes it is about influencing Google…but not by you…by your brand advocates

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