Are we becoming more machine like than human on the web?

Sometimes I wonder who is the machine – us or the computer?

  1. It is an internet tool that suggest our connections – not us.
  2. It is an internet tool that judges our worth – not us through ranking.
  3. It is an internet tool that goes away and decides which sites suit our web search

Valeria Maltoni wrote an intersting post on evolution of social. It made me think that the internet
Machinein some ways switching places with us?

OK so we can say well humans are working the tools behind the scenes and evolving technology but do we need to assess our role in the digital economy?

If we merely post and consume content, then are we not in danger of becoming less human? Isn't the beauty of social media the chance to share ideas with our friends? Isn't the sharing of ideas and discussing together feeding our human needs for conversation, for respect, for learning?

When I sat and thought about what Valeria was saying I thought

If all we do is use social media to pass along and share blog posts – then machines can do that…they know who we connect with, they know who we read….we are just becoming machine like?

If we don't use social media to add the social element and get to know each other and add value to our relationship – then isn't it just media?

If I believe in the power of social marketing…..and I do…then how do I turn my drift towards a machine like approach to consuming content to a human social approach which shows the creator how much I appreciate their work?

I wanted to share these thoughts because it is vital that we lead the technology not succomb to it. The internet is wonderful, inspiring, fascinating…..but only because of the human element. 

What can we do today, next week, this year to add the human element to our consumption? Can we leave a review, a comment, a suggestion, a real world invite or even a thank you for nothing more than being you…..


  1.' says

    There’s one thing the internet can’t do that we can though. We can always give our readers heartfelt content. Articles that are sentimental, a tearjerker or even those that are just outright funny, it can’t do that.

  2.' says

    Good article that reminds us that business is first and foremost about building relationships. That means people skills, and that means knowing how to effectively communicate, and that means back and forth. Let’s be more of a human being than a human doing!

  3.'Brian Abe says

    I have also thought about this concept of modern ways in which we build relationships as humans and with technology comes the price of when and how to use the technology that we were given. Technology is a tool in which to communicate but often times, we forget to learn to converse with each other the traditional way – by talking instead of twitting, texting, emails, blogs, and other mass media means. Conversations brings out the human in us that it requires reading body language, tone, culture difference (i.e. different languages), mistakes (yes, this helps us grow even if it may embarrass us), and connects us more intimately than just writing or typing. The trick again is WHEN and HOW to use the technology that is given to us and when it is more effective to actually talk. Just some brainstorming.

  4. says

    Totally true and that is why technology has to be an add on to what we do, what we are, who we are….often people forget that tech is the vehicle for our humanness and shouldn’t replace human to human but enhance it.

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