Engaging Brand Show 421 – Kevin Kelly on What Technology Wants

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KevinKellyToday is an interview with Kevin Kelly. Kevin has been publisher of theWhole Earth Review, exec editor at WIRED, founder of visionary nonprofits, and writer on biology and business and "cool tools." He's admired for his new perspectives on technology and if you get chance check out his Ted Talks

We discuss today about What Technology Wants

  • His thoughts on the third industrial revolution – it is not about computers it is about networks.
  • How Darwin's theory of evolution can be used to understand the "technium"
  • How technology is an extension of our minds.
  • How technium will self amplify itself and also give us as business leaders will be able to grow ourselves.
  • How the technology is creating new ways of earning a living, how it is the acceleration of normal evolution of life.
  • How our institutions have not adjusted to the digital economy and how we need to redefine intellectual property for a networked age.
  • Should we be able to own ideas in a networked age?
  • Is society going faster than business models?
  • How discoveries should belong to the commons.
  • Will it take 100 years for the true valuation of the effect of technology on economic productivity?
  • How we are only at the beginning of the networked economy.
  • How the third revolution has created a new language – is that significant, does that show a new technology frontier?
  • What should we call this revolution? Digital, networked, knowledge, sharing?
  • How we mirror nature?

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