New Business Ideas for Profit and Growth

Business ideas are the fuel for profit and growth. New business ideas though are hard, they need space to flourish and space is not necessarily easily found when you are busy at work.

creative thinkingNew product development is about 'distillation'. Great business ideas come not necessarily from having many of them…but about having the creative thinking ability to distill an idea down to its core.

Business tend to concentrate on brainstorming sessions that produce many new business ideas….a few are chosen and then through the wonderful world of meetings tend to become compromised or to extend beyond their initial scope.

Profit and growth is created through the consumer recognising value and therefore being willing to pay a premium for it. To create that value, you need to chip away the compromise, chip away the bells and whistle and concentrate on the core aspects of the idea.

The value is in the core and the core should never be compromised.   

The value comes not from the simplicity and should never be compromised to make it easier for you.



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