How to Recharge Your Mind This Weekend

The weekend I find is a great time to recharge. Recharging means relaxing, means laughing with family and friends but also allowing our minds some space to think. TheVergeThe problem with modern life is that time can feel short.

Yet our minds need to be given the time to digest all the information, all the ideas we are consuming. You see I think it is even more vital now because we are on the verge of something very different.

Social media is often likened to the printing press in democratising information. But we are only at the start of this adventure. The printing press was revolutionary but remember it became much more powerful over time, over decades, over centuries.

Social business is like the first few printing presses….revolutionary but only the start.

Whilst your mind has space, try not to think about what is happening now, to that blocks are occuring within your business to progress now, or even what you need to do next week in terms of social media marketing.

No…let your mind wander with the principle of where this could lead, of what is democratising, of what this means for society and business as a whole.

Then next week when you are once again at your desk ploughing through your in tray, ticking off the action points of today….allow 20 minutes each day in your diary to contemplate the following

"We are on the verge of something, something that will be bigger than social networking or tweets etc…..what small step can I take now to ensure that when I step over that verge….I can fly…our brand can fly….our company can fly"

This isn't about how to do now social media now as much as how to construct the social business of tomorrow……

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