Social Media Marketing Is Elementary, My Dear Watson

SocialFinding the right clues to social media success can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

However, here is a little graphic to remind you of the 3 key reasons why social marketing should be top of mind for your company or brand.

  1. Customers for  B2B and B2C  are now shopping online or often more importantly researching for the right product online. Therefore you want to ensure that your business website is found on the first page of Google. FINDABILITY. Google loves websites that are regularly updated, that use the words people search for and have been recommended by others….social media helps on all these factors.
  2. Recommendation by people has always been the strongest factor for choosing a supplier or a product. This happens offline and online. However make it easy for people to share your thoughts….does your content marketing have a shareability factor? Do you make it easy for readers to share your content? SHAREABILITY
  3. People trust people not words. People trust actions more than words. As a poster, leaflet or advert…you are sharing words not actions. Social media allows you to connect with people so that you can break through the wall of words….and enter into the connection world. A world in which you can show your respect for their ideas, comments, complaints…. a world in which you can thank people, a world in which you can demonstrate your customer service..not just talk about it. CONNECTIVITY

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