What is the customer experience

SpontaniousThe customer service experience is not a process, yes you need a process in place but then all companies do….

If you pre plan too much though, it doesn't feel like a spontaneous gesture. Standard lines when something goes wrong or even right, feel that…they feel mechanic.

When you look at companies who differentiate through customer service they may have a process but they make it spontaneous.

For instance, at the Aunty Acid Giftstore a customer ordered for overseas delivery one item which was costly when compared to the delivery cost. They recognised that and put in the package a note to say thanks for the order and to help ease the cost they included a free notebook.

Now imagine the delight when the company, the brand recognised a value problem. The customer wanted the item and had to pay the delivery item…but despite no complaint the company created a customer experience.

Adam who runs the site – I will try and get him on the Enaging Brand business podcast – says "it is the little spontaneous gestures that create brand loyalty. In the situation it is not what the company did as much as what the brand did without being asked. We are only a start up company but we want to create a brand loyalty, we recognise that loyalty needs to be earned rather than waiting for it to happen"

When you think about your personal life is it the birthday card that you expect or the little gesture that you don't…that makes you love them more?

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