Advertising or Social Media…Both!

Why simulate emotion in advertising when you can express it in social media?

Now of course advertising is an important tool for brand awareness, I don't mean to say that all advertising is bad…it isn't and it plays an important role in advertising business. 

The problem is often about the truth. Advertising in general is about translating emotion and to
SocialMonsterdo that emotion has to be simulated in words, in speech or visually.

Simulated emotion can be difficult and that is where social media marketing has a role to play. Social media in business if enacted by people who are passionate about the brand, can remove the simulation and replace it with a true expression of the brand.

Social media marketing therefore should always be authentic, it's role is to express not simulate the brand

In this sense advertising and social media work hand in hand when done correctly. One simulates and the other backs up that simulation through expression on a day to day basis.

Marketing strategy is at it's core about two things

  • Understanding your brand values and your brand personality. 
  • Understanding the emotion in purchase and consumer behaviour. Connecting those two through great advertising to display it…and social media to demonstrate it on a day to day basis.


  1.'Frank Pollock says

    Great read Anna. Before social media advertisers struggled to capture emotion in their advertising now they are struggling to express the brand through social media. What brands do you think are doing a good job of managing the two?

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