Show 426 – 5 Aspects of Playing to Win

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Today Roger Martin, Dean of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and an advisor to CEOs globally on strategy, design, innovation and integrative thinking, talks with Anna Farmery to discuss Playing to Win, a business book co-written with A.G.Lafley of Proctor and Gamble fame.

  • How business strategy requires making explicit choices
  • How to make the right career choice through making the right choices on business strategy.
  • Is strategy used by small businesses enough?
  • Strategy and small business planning.
  • What is strategic planning?
  • The 5 aspects of strategic planning?
  • Is winning always about the aim of the business plan getting to you to number 1?
  • What being a market leader actually means..
  • Is the Internet a geographical territory or a distribution channel for marketing strategies?
  • Forget the % growth plan..put customer first and see what that will give you in growth.
  • How revenue is outside your control….it is given to you by the customer.
  • What if core capabilities are not where your customer needs them to be?
  • How management systems can be catalyst for communication.

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