How to Have a 10 Times Better Career

I love people who don't just look for improvement, they look to change their world.

Larry Page of Google  talks in Wired magazine not of a 10% improvement goal but a 10 times 
10TimesBetterMindframebetter mindset for all Google teams…He talks about rethinking the future and then creating a delivery plan.

Growth for the future is always difficult and should be…..because it is in the difficulty that we create consumer value. It is in that difficulty that we create business improvement, it is in this difficulty that we create profit that benefits us all.

If we aim to improve year on year…this is a short term business strategy. Improvement leads to less risk taking, leads to safe decision making…..

Leadership and management is about looking after the exisiting business but looking to the future…being your own competitor….why wait for someone to dilute your business returns…why not do it yourself!

I think this is as important for personal branding as well. If you stop learning, if you just look forward to an annual pay rise and then feel undervalued…why not try the 10 times better approach?

  1. What skills do I need to add to my personal branding toolkit to develop over the next decade?
  2. Do I fully understand the honest opinion of my colleagues of my personal brand?
  3. What am I doing today to create a better future tomorrow?
  4. Do I need to develop my thinking…more solutions rather than problem finding, more looking across industries for ideas for mine, more expansive thinking across functions to help the business?

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