Engaging Brand 427 – Guy Kawasaki talks Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur

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Today I talk to Guy Kawasaki about how to self publish a book by being an Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur and discuss  

  • Will self publishing merge with publishing eventually?
  • Is the book author the best person to know how to market a book?
  • The publisher/ author relationship
  • How you need to be a business entrepreneur before being an author?
  • Is the speed in publishing driven by the business model?
  • How the age of mobile is effecting the book industry and creating much greater niche markets
  • Google+ – is this the full house of social networking tools?
  • What Google+ offers author, publishers and entrepreneurs?
  • Does self publishing help less known people or do you still need to be a popular web personality before publication?
  • The role of curation in social media.
  • How there is an art in curation for brand marketing.
  • How curation can help an author create credibility.
  • The aim of the Google+ page of Author, Publisher and Entrepreneur.
  • Which is the best self publishing platform – Kindle!

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