Era of Disposable Company?

As daft as it sounds but in the digital economy I wonder if as an entrepreneur or business leader
digital economy
should we change our concept of corporate culture?

When the digital age is moving so quickly and consumers are gaining power, maybe the future trend will be towards a disposable company – it launches, it delivers, it morphs into something else or disappears?

In my lifetime I have seen clothes, TV's, phone's etc come to a price point that makes them almost disposable if you want them to be….

So why not a company?

When the digital age is combined with slow economic growth…..the hockey stick financial plans look redundant. Imagine the hockey stick becoming a 2-3 year project? Imagine such a lean, decentralised company that it can move quickly, fold and then come back as something fresh that embraces the new technology?

Maybe, just maybe we should be focused not on growing structure but on growing flexibility?

Maybe, just maybe we should be focused not on short term profit but short term maximisation of value…..and if the value becomes a staple for consumers then keep it in place…if not…then replace it with a structure that can create value?

The question is can business or should business adapt to how consumers "consume" in the digital age


Should business continue to seek longevity through innovation?

Although the second would appear the right business vision….as a company grows doesn't it become harder to think like an entrepreneur? Doesn't it become more titanic than speedboat? Is that down to leadership or is that inherent in corporate culture?

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