Do you make a call to action or inspire people to try?

During a recent tweetchat we were discussing creating a call to action and I argued that call to action was maybe the wrong way to think about how to write a blog post or design a website.

Call to me –  encourages us to shout at the customer.

Action to me – encourages us to almost force the customer to click through.

The reason I don't like the phrase call to action is that it doesn't necessarily make business think

'how do I inspire the customer to know more'

I know it sounds pedantic but when asked "How to design a website" I prefer to speak about writing a blog or designing a website with one thing in mind 

'how do I inspire to try our products and services'

Inspire to try gives a different focus than call to action. It focuses upon the customer not your aim, it focuses upon value to the customer not value to you.

A business goal is not in your direct control – it is the customer who you need to persuade in order to deliver it. Persuasion is about inspiration. So when you are writing a blog then you need to understand the customer needs, the customer demographic and what will inspire them..

That is why how to, lists, insights, analysis are popular blog posts for heavily trafficked sites. It is not that they are ignoring their business objectives…it is that they understand the objective is to engage the customer in order to deliver those business objectives.

So the question for today is….how well do you inspire customers to try your brand?


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