Most Listened to Engaging Brand Episodes 2012/3

The Engaging Brand podcast has gone from strength to strength – and that is down to all of YOU, for helping spread the word through reviews, tweets, likes etc…THANK YOU.

Here is a list of the most listened to shows over the last 12 months

Kevin Oakes of I4cp on Managing Talent

Andy Stefanovich Chief Curator and Provocateur at Prophet on innovation, Look at More 

Gregg Fairbrothers  on entrepreneurship

Mike Essex on - Free Stuff Everyday

Patty Azzarello on RISE: How to be really successful AND like your life.

 Dr Edward Hallowell, MD on how to develop a team and a life which shines above all others

It would be interesting to know which show was your favourite? Which one really made you think from all the ones you have listened to?

anna farmery

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