Why you need to become a rebel

Social media for business has often been likened to the printing press….inthe way it has given the consumer's a voice.

Why social media marketing is so important…is not in the what we do, for me it is how it changes society.

So what is social media?

For me at the individual level, it is society's tool to break down control and authority. We can rebel, we can voice, we can create a cause for change.

At the business level, it is tool to become more open, more inclusive and encourage freedom.

If we were to accept that social media has changed the way we communicate, changed what we communicate upon, where we communicate and how we network…then we are accepting that social media is more than a 'thing' it is a sociatal wave of change. We either retreat or jump on board!

Why did the printing press, the locomotive, the radio have such a big effect…because it opened up travel, knowledge and information…away from the few to the many.

Social media is doing the same…it is not different in terms of reason, it is just different in delivery.

People always rail against control and authority…I mean just watch a child who wants the pack of sweets! 

Social media in marketing is effective when it feeds the rebellion…not in the sense of overturning a government but in opening up, giving consumers an insight and letting them choose, empowering employees to have the freedom to represent the brand….by rebelling themselves against a top down approach….

We are all rebels now….are you feeding the rebellion or building a brand fortress to repel the market force!


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