What Is Leadership and Your 2 Greatest Assets

Leading for me is about setting a vision, engaging the team with that vision, removing barriers to achieving that vision and then…and most importantly…

"Get out of the way!"

The eyes of an entrepreneur, leader, business owner should be focused on where you want to go, what you want to achieve….often when I am doing coaching sessions on The Social Leader, I find that people are struggling with time to think because their diaries are full of detail, full of handling the politics, full of doing rather than thinking.

Your eyes and your ears are the most important asset you personally have…..your eyes to see where you are going and your eyes to check your progress. 

Now clearly when you are dealing with people there is a degree of all the above….but it is about balance.

This week look at your diary…

  1. What is the time ratio between strategic thinking to day to day tasks?
  2. What is the time ratio between listening/engaging to talking/telling?
  3. What is the time ratio between future to past?
  4. What is the time ratio between talent progression to man-management?

The only restraint you have is your time. Time management is key to growth. See it as the precious resource and protect it…like we do nature reserves or historic buildings which are under threat.

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