6 Elements of Change Management

We live in changing times – that's for sure! Whether it be constant economic uncertainty or new technology appearing everyday, change is there as a competitor.

As I often say evolving is so much better than change – change is so much more difficult but if for some reason you are forced into a change management situation, then the change process needs to handled in the right way. 

Here is a little Bob-o-graphic to keep and underneath a little explanation which not just looks at the change project itself which often has a great deal of business management time invested but also after the change has started

Change Management

C=Consult with people – every day and in every way. People internally will see what is happening quicker than leadership and management….listening, really listening is key to risk management, emotional intelligence and potential pressure points.

H=Honesty. Business don’t trust their people enough; Be visible with risks, opportunities, results…and invite people to comment. If things are tough, honesty is the best policy! Engage people by saying we need your help, people can cope if they know why and how this change project will make their lives better.

A=Aspire. Keep stretching the targets…keep challenging your people…see their potential and that of the business.This way change becomes part of the culture and less scary to people. It becomes a good thing for their career rather than something to fear.

N=Notice. Don't become insular. Look at your diary  – is it full of internal meetings and projects. How much time are you spending looking at trends- global and market talking to customers/suppliers, people within your business. Keep your antenna up, spot the future changes and then evolve instead of waiting to be surprised.

G=Grow people, develop their minds…get them to think about the wider world, get them to anticipate implications. How much do you spend coaching your people to evolve and cope with change? Keep the people focused on creating value to the market.

E=Evolution rather than revolution as a mindset. Big change has a low success rate…take the best course and have a kaizen approach to strategy and culture. How are you developing business processes that maintain the change into the future?


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