Social Marketing – Create Context As Well As Content

Social media is all about content…true…but content that is relevant to your customer not to the message that you want to distribute….and that relevancy is delivered through context.
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One thing I help people with is thinking about the customer as not just a content consumer but as a person…living a real life…thereby putting into context the social content.

I watched an interview with Lauren Bacall who said Humphrey Bogart once said to her

"You walked into that scene like a model on a walkway. Remember when you play a scene, when you walk into a room…something has happened to your character beforehand"

I love this quote as often social marketing can forget about

  1. What has caused the consumer to search?
  2. Where they are searching from?
  3. What is the emotion attached to the search?

Your content needs to reflect the whole customer – NOT just SEO, not just 'blogging techniques of how to create a blog post' or even what is the brand marketing message.

Creating engaging content based on the search is essential however then refining it to reflect the Bogart idea of 'not just acting the scene but acting the full story' then comes into play. By thinking wider than the social content you create engagement so…

'thinking about content is important but putting the content into context is social media marketing at it's best'

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