Why Your Content Needs To Become Social

In a content marketing age, storytelling is important…why?Content Marketing

Because storytelling is the way humans explain the reasons, indeed it is the way historically we have explained history and reasons.

Because storytelling is evokes emotion and it is the emotion that makes us buy. There are few things that we NEED to buy, especially in a consumer society which is influenced by internet marketing. We need to create a reason to buy, or a reason to buy our products or services.

In a sense with social media marketing we are selling content not our brand. Therefore we want people to 'buy in/ to our reasons when we are thinking of marketing in business.

People don't buy features, they buy what the features will do for them. Therefore a story explains that…

People don't buy brands per se, they buy what the brand stands for…..Therefore a story explains that…

People don't buy from the 'company', they buy from people…How many times is it the person that has persuaded you to buy not the technical specifications sheet…Therefore a story explains that…

Content development, indeed content strategy is a package of showing the why, the what, the how of your product and service.

Storytelling is the mechanism by which your writing becomes human.


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