Are you making your customer’s sing?

Customer feedback is both the good and bad of social media. Social media is not only about what 
customer loyaltyyou say about your brand or how you try to connect with others…it is also an extra sales team if you  want it to be….

The problem is that you have to trust IN your brand enough to encourage customers to SING about your brand for you…

Trust is difficult in all walks of life because it open you up to being hurt…but it also opens you up to being loved.

Brand love to 'control the message'…..but the control should be aimed inside your business by controlling the desire to create customer experience


Well you start by being very clear about what is branding? Branding is knowing who you are, who you are not and what values you want to express. If you are clear about that then in everything you do – you should aim to live that everyday. Branding is living those values no matter the cost, no matter the problems.

Customers will always forgive a mistake if it is recognised early and dealt with promptly. If you live those brand values through the whole of the customer experience and through business marketing  you can increase customer satisfaction….and customer loyalty will flow.

Trust is a key element in business…trust within teams, trust to the vision and trust in the product/service….and now through social media marketing, trust in your customer service to make the customer sing about YOU.

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