Encapsulating Your Brand in Your Logo

While some of the elements of
 management have changed over the years, many rules have stayed the same. You
still need to use everything at your disposal 
LOGOto ensure your brand is

Research shows that consumers are savvier than they've ever been
and know half-cocked branding attempts when they see them. Bad logo design is a
quick way to ward off any interested customers.

Remember, everything about your
company contributes to how your brand is viewed by the general public. That
means that something as simple as your logo can communicate the quality of your
business to the average consumer.

What constitutes a good

This is undoubtedly a hotly
debated topic in the marketing world. But one thing's certain: Your company
logo design must communicate trustworthiness and commitment to quality. For
many companies, the logo is a potential customer's first impression of the
business. If their first
is that you don't take the visual elements of your brand
seriously, this may give way to a feeling that you don't take other elements of
your business seriously.

The color emotion factor

The art of crafting the perfect
logo for your business doesn't stop at creating a clean, highquality design.
Did you know that colors convey emotions? In fact, an
infographic called the "Color Emotion Guide"
 takes you
through a full spectrum of widely used colors and how they affect viewers on an
emotional level. For instance, according to the infographic blue induces a
feeling of trust and dependability, while the color green can give off a
feeling of peace and health.

Practice what you preach

After you've done the hard work
of conceptualizing and crafting your powerful logo it's time to make the rubber
meet the road. While your logo may communicate some solid core values that
turns heads, you must incorporate those values into every aspect of your

Does your brand communicate that your company is trustworthy? Do
customers get a sense that your company provides excellent customer support?
Then your organization, especially early on, needsto work tirelessly to
maintain this awareness of your brand. It's much easier to keep a good reputation
going than to build one up.

Instill values into your

A big part of incorporating
brand values throughout your organization is making sure your employees believe
in your company as much as you do. The more employees you have that are excited
about your company, the easier it will be to instill high quality brand values
throughout the entire organization.

In order for
companies to move forward, they need to think about their branding init
in a whole new way. This means stepping out of the archaic form of branding
that says that a logo is merely just a 2D image that looks cool.

It actually
communicates a lot about your company right out of the gate. Remember, you
never cease to be a brand just because you don't have a logo. Craft a logo
that's perfectly in sync with your company's values and goals.

Today in a guest post from the wonderful Joseph Baker - great friend of The Engaging Brand

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