5 Ways to Generate Power of Networks

Networks of talent are the new working capital; working in the sense of actively creating business value…..and capital in the sense of needing investment, maintenance to see a return to the bottom line.

Human capital is a phrase that has developed over time to represent how your talent is an asset
NetworkCaptialthat delivers future revenue streams…and therefore needs protecting, nurturing and growing as part of your human resource management.

Over the last decade, the rise of the knowledge economy combined with the ubiquity of the web, I have started to believe that talent has moved from a fixed asset to a fluid (or current) asset.

The mobility of talent, the access to information has created the need to see talent as more than just idea creators…..talent needs to be defined differently, seen differently, managed differently.

Talent is important however the power of the network  is just as important.

Networking are at the heart of business. Yes literally when you think of the web…but also as communication and production channels for ideas.

Social networking is more than posting a picture of your cat from a business perspective. Social business networking is about

Generating the power of connection from your talent base.

Here are ways of generating that power

  1. Networks are as strong as the connections….how much do you spend time on developing those connections? 
  2. Do you value networks…do you bring people together…do you provide value into the network?
  3. Do you know what and who your networks are? Do you see people as a role or a valuable connection in the network?
  4. Do you see talent as fluid and therefore spend time on developing talent to keep them within your network?
  5. Do you think about the networks within your business, connected to your business and your personal brand? Have you a plan for each?


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