Show 429 – The Viral Video Manifesto

Welcome back to The Engaging Brand podcast covering social marketing, business ideas and
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Today Anna Farmery (me!) talks with Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe, cofounders of EepyBird Studios, the company behind the Coke and Mentos phenomenon and other viral campaigns that have been seen over 150 million times. We talk about their Viral Video Manifesto
  • How video online is not the same as other broadcast media such as television
  • Is television changing because of social media? Does television need to learn how to create a viral video?
  • The change in user experience by viral videos and You Tube
  • The concept of the circus sideshow and how that can help you undertand what is a viral video.
  • The characteristics of viral video…and why it is not about storytelling when marketing in video
  • Why you need to educate at the beginning of the video
  • How to create an emotional human emotion to trigger brand engagement
  • How viral video clips can work when you are hampered by the legal department and branding rules?
  • Don't tie your video to tightly to your product
  • Think about the demographic of your audience for viral marketing
  • Don't recapture reality…capture reality…make video in marketing authentic
  • How the best viral videos are not be scripted.
  • How video editing is only to remove clips that are not about setup and payoff.
  • How there will always be a difference between TV and online video

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  1.' says

    What I got out from this podcast is that creating human emotion is the key to a viral video. It is interesting that you started from talking about the differences between TV shows and online videos. Though they have different goals, TV shows are to keep viewers sitting for hours and online videos are to get people to share, they are common in that both of them aim to get people emotionally involved. One way that enlightened me so much is to include some shared experience and trigger your viewers’ memory. Yet besides demographic, I think it is more important to take psychographic into consideration.

  2. says

    Crystal….I agree the thing I got most from the time with these guys is that TV is about keeping attention but video is about engagement through human emotion. It was nice to speak to people who talked about the social of social media?


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