Are you a good parent to business ideas?

The constant flow of business ideas is critical for business growth and too often do I see leadership and management neglecting a creative business culture

Ideas, if you like, are not just for Christmas they are for life!

Yet business ideas are treated like a to-do list – we need ideas so let's have a meeting, we need ideas so today we are going to brainstorm etc etc 

However business ideas rarely just happen, rarely are prompted through a meeting culture but through a dynamic mindset that nurtures and grows them from seeds of ideas to business growth generators….

I like to think of ideas as almost childlike


business ideas

Why? Well…

  • Having a constant flow is a business lifestyle choice…just like you choose to become a parent, you choose to create an idea culture…ok accidents happen but in the main you need to make a choice to want to be creative and be a business parent of ideas.
  • When an idea is small it needs nurturing, it needs looking after – it needs feeding and developing into a grown up commercial product or service.
  • When the idea starts to develop it can become troublesome – it may not fit the present business process, it may challenge previously held mindsets….that is an idea just finding its way to market.
  • There are times when you just have to say NO…..yes, ideas need a chance to grow but at some stage you need to focus on ideas that will work commercially.
  • When an idea is set free through a product launch, then the 'brand parenting' doesn't stop there….it needs your support, it needs guidance, it needs to learn to adapt and get even better.

Are you a good parent to business ideas? Or are your ideas latch door kids left to fend commercially for themselves!


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