How to understand the US in bUSiness

There has always been an irony for me – that the term 'a business' sounds impersonal, separate and almost intangible!

Yet business is all about people, it is emotive, personal and brought to life through connections and collaboration. When coaching I try and concentrate on the word 'US' in business because if we understand their true value then we grow our business.


Us is wide in definition and covers…

US= How well you collaborate with your colleagues

US= How well you connect the vision to the team and the team to the business vision.

US= How well you connect to the outside world – suppliers, stakeholders

US= How well you understand and communicate with customers

US= How well you see the pivotal role of business within society

US= How well we connect personal values to business value creation

Another US that we often ignore is both sides of our personality! Let me explain….

We have many human behaviors or aspects of business life that need reconciling

Risk vs Secruity

Routine vs Different

Self critical vs self confident

Work vs Home

Decisions vs Consensus

And many more….to ensure that our career's achieve our full potential…our relationship with ourselves gives us the strong base to connect with others.

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