How to Make a Mistake …and Still Win

When coaching I am often faced with people who want to start over – in their career, job, start up business. Starting over is not an option usually and what I work on is Bob's tip for personal growth!

Personal growth often comes down to taking responsibility for our own learning and development and not taking the easy way out and blaming your boss, your luck, your education etc It is in taking responsibility for making sure that mistake won't happen again, that our personal growth becomes more attainable.

We all make mistakes – we are all human after all! – mistakes are just like footprints on the sand, at first they seem so obvious and then disappear once the tide turns….

So how do you make the career tide turn?

  • Be honest about what actually happened.
  • Understand how it happened.
  • Think about how you could have handled it differently.
  • Think about the skills or knowledge you need to handle it differently in the future.
  • Then turn the mistake into an opportunity, an opportunity to grow and develop. 

In all forms of life a great start helps….but it doesn't guarantee success…..remember the victor is the one who crosses the finish line, not first out of the blocks…and the occasional stumble just makes the ultimate career success..even more special.

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