Bob-o-Graphic on What Make an Innovative Culture

This week on The Engagigng Brand we discussed Innovation with Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg  and as the book gives a great insight into business innovation we have created a little Bob-o-graphic for you to use.

  1. Focus beats freedom. You need to focus on ideas that matter to the business.
  2. Insights come from the outside. Connect to the outside world to find original ideas.
  3. Be ready in fact want to – tweak as first ideas are usually flawed.
  4. Select –  Remember your role is to select ideas, as not all ideas are created equal and you must discard the rest so you can focus on the best.
  5. Stealthstorm past the internal politics so they work for you not against. Internal politics of innovation will always exist….your role is to pave the way for the innovation to succeed.

And then add that vital leadership behavior…..Persist – Not for ONE day but EVERY day to move from one successful product launch to a business culture that lives and breath innovation – helping your people bring great ideas to life.


This is based on the HBR book Innovation as Usual – website here

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