Has Social Media Changed the Rules of Business?

There are still leaders who feel that social media is a fad, that social business cannot and will not take hold. There are brands that still use a content marketing strategy to sell, they feel that the web
Networks is a 'cheap' sales channel not understanding that basic premise of the Internet was to bring people together…from a consumers point of view it is the convenience of connection, be it to products or people, not the fact it has reduced your overhead.

No one can doubt that the world wide web which developed from the Internet is a part of our culture today. The ubiquity of the web means that the fad claim just is no longer valid.

If you agree with that premise then the problem becomes does the old business rules just have a different sales channel or has social media changed the rules of business.

From my perspective the business rules have stayed the same

Create value – Show the value – Deliver the value – Reap the profit value

So no the business rules have NOT changed.

But the tactics behind show and deliver HAVE changed. Showing and delivering means not taking –  let's face it – the easy way out of

  • Telling and then adding a automated phone system to answer the issues.
  • Speaking in business jargon but in human, everyday terms; no matter how intellectual the argument.
  • Reaching up to your bosses rather than out to the customers. By engaging customers, the value will be created to please the bosses.
  • Hiding behind press releases rather handing criticism in a public way. Controlling the message means being part of the social conversation.

If you don't believe that the HOW has changed, just look at political events around the world – people don't believe you just because you are in power, they trust you because you action your values. If you don't then your power will disappear…the network needs networking!


  1. barry.victor@rocketmail.com' says

    Experts all over the world can’t deny that social media has changed the way board rooms are thinking about business strategies. Gone are the days when advertising was only within the realm of the advertiser.

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