What is strategy?

Strategy in business is one of those phrases that can make a grown person cry….because it is used with such business jargon as paradigm shift, proposition, strategic imperatives…..all of which are totally unemotional and not at all engaging.

Leaders may sound clever using the business jargon but they don't sound passionate, they may sound worldly but they don't sound human! And leaders may have the job title of leader but have they engaged people to follow?

The question is this…would you try and sell your product or services to customers with this kind of slogan

"There is a strategic imperative for you to make a paradigm shift to our value proposition – buy now"

I suggest not.

So why do leadership and management try and sell the brand vision, the business vision in these terms? After all what is a business strategy for other than engaging people's hearts and minds?

Keep business strategy, marketing strategies…any strategy simple

  • What are you wanting to change in the world for the better?
  • Why are you so passionate about it?
  • How will you change the world?
  • And by when …

Here is a little Bobographic to keep reminding you


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