Show 440 – Ten Types of Innovation for Business

The Engaging Brand podcast covering social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips has a new episode but first…

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Anna Farmery discusses the Ten Types of Innovaton with Larry Keeley of Doblin, a "self confessed obsessive investigator into the root causes of innovation failure"
  • How to work in teams without diluting the outcome by compromise.
  • What is the definition of innovation – has it lost its meaning in business?
  • Can new innovation be before your time?
  • Innovation – how there is a science of innovation as well as an art.
  • Does innovation break down because of the hierarchy of the business model.
  • How innovation can be brought to the profit model not just the product.
  • Innovation of product performance.
  • How to find innovation and ideas trends.
  • How the best brands have 3.6 facets of these 10 types of innovation.
  • How the model T Ford was not innovative because of the product but because of the selling process.

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