Introducing the New Social Media Slot Machine

Listening to 99% Invisible podcast with the wonderfully engaging Roman Mars I was intrigued by the story that was told about the gambling industry… they moved from one line on their slot machines to 3 lines….to encourage further play. 

Seeing how they 'almost won' encouraged them to try again…Now forget the right and wrongs of gambling it made me think about social media and how social marketing follows a similar marketing plan.

Using social media is like that stray top line lemon… is an encouragement that the more they engage with your content marketing, the more they will want to know more, the greater the chance of purchase becomes…

Consumers want to win – get a great deal, gain social currency, improve their lives…..but does your content marketing make that customer want to try one more spin? 

A spin in this sense is the like, the tweet….the newslettersign up, using the RSS feed….or even jumping straight to the jackpot of purchasing – to create a win-win for both them and you.

The question to ask is this….is your content a true lemon in the eyes of your consumer or an insight into what they could win if they take one more step?


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