Measure Your Social Influence with This Online Test

Social influences are part of our life education. From the moment we are born we are influenced by our surroundings, our parents, our education…our life experiences.

The amazing part of social influence is that often we are not aware of the effects of social influencer's on us. In fact as we grow up often the most influential people are the ones who see us for who we are, listen to us and let us form our own opinions. They act as a sounding board not a tannoy.

It reminds me of what I said in my eulogoy at Nana's funeral. 

"She didn’t indulge
me, she helped me. She didn’t judge me, she listened to me. She didn’t expect
anything from me, she gave everything TO me."

Did she know she was influencing me? Maybe, maybe not…..her aim was for me to find my way in life and find my own answers.

In a sense that what social influence is like in a world of social media….indeed in a business world.

How many of us, how many brands, how much social media marketing would pass this Nana test?

If we do one thing in our content marketing this week – let's see if we can hold ourselves accountable to the Nana test!

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