Show 439 – Smart Marketing is about Help not Hype

The Engaging Brand podcast covering social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips has a new episode but first…

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Anna Farmery discusses with Jay Baer - "a hype-free social media and marketing keynote speaker, author, and consultant" about how social marketing is all about Youtility the concept that Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype 
  • Stop trying to be amazing and try to be useful with your brand marketing.
  • How content marketing is not a reason – being useful is the purpose for content marketing.
  • How the business rules have remained constant no matter what new technology is being created.
  • How search engine is decreasing in importance from 84% to just over 60% for finding your website.
  • How to watch future trends not just what is happening now….e.g. think voice search and how we speak rather than how we write for search engines.
  • How companies will be valued via their apps not their brands in the future.
  • Will websites eventually become 'defunct'?
  • The importance of creating apps that allow customers to make the purchasing decision by making their life better.
  • Case studies on how a horticultural firm create youtility.
  • The difference in delivering Youtility for B2B to B2C

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