Who you gonna call…Mythbusters!!

This Saturday's Bab's Booster is about myths and how often we can allow myths to hamper our personal growth.

W have all muttered or heard a sentence such as…"oh no, I can't I am useless at that…" or "That's not possible" or "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do about that"

Well I am hear to tell you that the inner voice that dares to tell you these things is WRONG. 

Self development is often about

  1. Recognising the myths that stop you from moving forward – what have you learned to believe over the years BUT need to challenge?
  2. Blasting the myth…just because something didn't work in the past, does not mean it won't work now….often creativity and success is about dispelling a myth.
  3. Be a mythbuster…not a myth creator with people around you.


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