Why social media may not be working for your brand

When I was delivering a corporate training session this month on what it takes to be a social
Social Action leader in the digital age, it struck me that often the verb "to act" is often used incorrectly.

One person said "Oh yes, we realise social is important and we have actioned that by writing a blog and then tweeting it out"

And therein lies the issue for most businesses….

Social business is not about acting social, it is about putting your social skills to action.

Customers spot people 'acting' social and support the brands who act in a social way. To be honest I generally believe you can't 'act social', think about it in your personal life – those kind of people are seen as fake, as smoozers and not trusted. They are people that you don't want to be associated with….

Brands who take an acting role rather than an action role struggle with social media marketing. They produce an action list, they create content – no let's make that information – that makes them feel good about themselves. Then when customers don't engage with that content they don't believe social media works!

Brands who take an active socialising role are not trying to be anything…..they don't have to be social…because they are just socialising. 

If you are struggling to connect with social marketing ask yourself:

  • Are you acting as a party organiser or a parent protecting their house from gatecrashers!
  • Do the teams feel able to be themselves when representing the brand or do they have specific instructions on what to write?
  • Is your content what you want to say or what people want to read and share?
  • Do you believe in networking in business or do you see it as a waste of time?

I ask that last question because if social media is not your thing….then don't do it! However, recognise that digital is an integral part of your customer's lives, whether in B2B or B2C. You may not want to go to the party…but your competitors are there, socialising and connecting….

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