How Social Business Uses The Boomerang Principle

Business is about seeing, thinking, engaging and doing.

Leadership is about seeing a vision, thinking about ideas on how to achieve it, engaging others with it…then cracking on and doing it!

Social media is about seeing the potential, thinking about the social aspect, engaging socially and living it.

Sound so simple. We have at our disposal so many business tools nowadays to achieve success in business but too often the boomerang priniciple is forgotten.

Business lesson
When I run coaching sessions on creating a social business model, often the key ingredient missing is realising that "the more you put in, the more you get out".

Thinking about it does not consitute doing it. Abdicating doesn't mean doing. Talking isn't the same as doing. 

Take social marketing….being on twitter won't make you brand engaging in itself – it is the energy and personality you give whilst using it. The more energy you use to throw the boomerang, the more likely a return is likely.

A brand's personality is what makes it engaging…so what is your brand's boomerang technique?

Do you share more than you post?

Do you converse more than tell?

Do you give rather than take?

Do you inspire to give out energy or do you drain readers energy?

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