Create value through apps not just an app

As a recent convert to the iPhone I was eager to download apps and have to say have had mixed results.

What the best iPhone apps offer is something to me…not an access point to their company, not a chance to find out more about the company…but value in my everyday life.

My apps are a mixture of entertainment, news and utility – but what unites the best apps is this…

They make my life easier.

In fact I would go as far as saying when I download apps that don't offer me real value, it has a negative effect on the brand. Why?

Because it feels they have thought…"oh must build an app" but there is no app development to tie value to my everyday life…thus allowing the brand to become an everyday part of world.

Apps are an access point, another shop window into your sales offer…however just like that shop window they have to be developed with the consumer in mind. They have to be…either entertaining, informational, educational or a basic utility.

As apps grow this becomes even more important because choice allows users to find what does provide a great customer experience and therefore value….

When you start the development of the app…remember the question to ask is not how can we make money…but how can we add value?

Value in its definition will make money, goals of making money often fail because the business goal is internally focused.

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