Do you make S.E.N.S.E as a business?

Often business can make sense to people inside the organisation BUT how often do you check it makes SENSE to the marketplace?

Often when speaking at events I talk about the need to make S.E.N.S.E…..because often strategy is hampered because the brand forgets about how their strategy is related throughout ALL their business.

1) Does your brand's voice reflect your brand values? From sales through to customer service through to collecting the money? Do you value feedback, do you listen out for ideas on how to improve what you offer, the value you offer? Do you listen to what is happening at the edges of your marketplace?

2) Does every piece of your written content from packaging to induction, from tweets to website consistently deliver on your brand personality and again to your brand's values?

3) Do you spend as much time on designing the touchpoints as the product and services you offer? Are all touchpoints simple, easy to use and easy to understand?

4) Do you think about how tastes are changing, how trends can help you, how you can relate or adapt to trends? Do you look forward or live in the past? Do you manage forward or constantly reviewing what has happened?

5) How does your brand 'smell' to customers. How likeable is your brand? How authentic? How consistent? How shareable through great experiences? 

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