Goal setting for career success

Bab's booster this weekend is about professional development, something that we all know is
learning important but often it is on our to do list for tomorrow and tomorrow…..

One reason is that learning and development sounds like hard work, it sounds like study…and to do on top of our work…well it seems impossible.

But let me share a tip for personal development which is great for your team as well!

In this weeks Engaging Times newsletter I talked about the importance of language…and it is important for your personal or team development as well. When you are reviewing your career, or the career development of others change your language from….

  • Learning to discovery
  • Develop to explore

It seems semantic but it works because discovery is something that happens within your day, explore is continous process. 

So this weekend think about your career goal as a treasure hunt

  1. What skills do I need to explore? How do i discover them and find them?
  2. What experiences do I need to explore? How do i discover them and find them?
  3. Then at the end of each day as you travel home…think about what you have discovered, how you can use it and what action you can take.

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