Show 442 – How to write a story for your brand

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Anna Farmery talks to Jim Signorelli about his model for creating a story around your brand – Storybranding. We discuss
jim signorelli
  • A good story is not what the author writes but what he whispers…..
  • The key aspects of storytelling.
  • How marketing of a business is about leading the consumer to make you relevent to them.
  • The difference between a Big t Truth and Small t Truth in storytelling
  • How brand strategy is about developing a theme and a plot – and what the difference between them is!
  • The four levels of customer experience and engagement – awareness, comprehnsion, association and affinity.
  • The model for storybranding.
  • The company branding story is created through 6 C's.
  • How to develop the backstory from the viewpoint of the company not the prospect.
  • How to connect the characters of the story – prospects and brand in terms of long and short term.
  • How to reveal through story which is meaningful for your consumers.

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  1.' says

    I love the fact that you talked about the different types of t Truths. I never understood when rebranding where to start from. Especially for those customers that have already an experience with set product or service.

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