Magic Formula for Social Business

Social business is tricky – I mean opening the walls between the business and the market can be

scary however social business is not an action you
social business magic formulatake, it is a mindset you adopt

Social business is a desire to be curious. Curious to hear from the marketplace, curious to see how you can improve the customer experience, curious to understand and get closer to people.

Social business is about dispelling the myths that have built up over the years.

From 'if we tell them they will believe it'…to 'we know best' to 'the more we keep secret the more people will need us'.

Social business is about a beta mindset to innovation. Try, test, change, evolve, try, test evolve…with the outside world NOT before sending out to the market.

Social business creates engagement as a by product of the mindset not as a goal.

There is nothing magical about social marketing, social media, social business… is about being human like rather than business like!

There is nothing magical that humans can engage humans if we adopt those childlike qualities..of connecting, of trying, of exploring, of wanting to know, of not fearing to fail.

Often at speaking events or in coaching sessions I get asked for the magic formula…so here it is…the magic is not something you bring into the business, it is something you bring out of the people.

So invite the magician to your business party and bring out the childlike qualities to create social magic.

Anna has spent over 20 years as a Board Director at several global brands. She now runs her own company The Engaging Brand which supports business leaders who want to transition to the new social business model. She is also a speaker, writer and radio show presenter on social business, indeed her podcast The Engaging Brand has been nominated 6 years running as Best Business Podcast at the Podcast Awards. She brings an unusual mix of experience to business - she has a 1st Class Law Degree, MBA in marketing and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. This unusual mix means not just explaining the why of being social but how to turn social into a measurable business tactic to grow your bottom line. Her blog is recognised as one of the leading UK marketing blogs.

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