Show 444 – Maria Bezaitis on Surprising Need for Strangeness

The Engaging Brand podcast covering social marketing, business ideas and brand marketing tips has a new episode but first…

Anna Farmery speaks to Maria Bezaitis, principal engineer at Intel, who focuses on how constellations of personal data can form new business models, after seeing her speak at the Ted Talks about The Surprising Need for Strangeness.
We discuss
  • Should we talk to strangers? 
  • Do social networking sites encourage us to be insular?
  • Has the world wide web encourage connectedness or made us less connected?
  • How we can use personal data to reach out to strangers.
  • Has new technology changed society or has society changed and technology just reflects that….
  • How do you gain control over personal data to use it as an opportunity for helping over lives.
  • Do we need to accept the context of personal data to be able to benefit from it?
  • How the data economies will develop in the future.
  • Will new technology deal with the problem of sameness?
  • Is there a comfort in sameness? Does new technology need to take us out of our comfort zone?
  • Can search algorithms develop to reflect how we grow as people?
  • Will we reach a place that the internet and personal data will benefit us?

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