10 Ways Social is Filling Societal Gaps

I often feel that social marketing is not replacing elements of business and society, but filling a human gaps that have been created.

  1. As community is less prevelant in the physical world and therefore social networking fills that gap.
  2. As commuity identify wanes because of (1) does our social life fill that identity gap.
  3. As life moves from rural to city dwelling and we become more lonely yet surrounded by people does social media act as our social glue?
  4. As capitalism brings more choice, does Google act as our human filter for choice overload.
  5. As our jobs market moves from production to creation does the social web become our factory of ideas.
  6. As we live further from each other, does the social web act as a virtual sitting room.
  7. As we move from having family to ask as we live further apart, Google fills a knowledge gap.
  8. As entertainment becomes more expensive – You Tube, Pinterest, social media fills our social need.
  9. As work becomes more automated, ideas and knowledge become the currency for success – collaboration and sharing become the new ATM's for them.
  10. As the business market extends past local, national to global, social media acts as a bridge to global connection.

Your thoughts?


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