6 Website Design Challenges for Customer Experience

For business leaders designing a website is a tricky business, however that is ONLY if you allow
Googletrade offs between internal and external customers.

When I deliver training sessions people are concerned with how to get on the first page of google through SEO, how to 'get over' their brand messages, how the website can look great visually.

The challenge I make is that ultimately it is the customer experience that matters not internal requirements.

  • Simple and easy to navigate web pages will always work better than artistic masterpieces. Please the customer not the designers.
  • Content marketing that the customer values and shares works better than wonderful SEO masterpieces. Please the customer not Google.
  • Gaining customer engagement with content is better than forcing customer's to give their email addresses. Please the customer not the salesforce.
  • Quality of content beats quantity of content. Please the customer not Google.
  • Content for what is important to the customer is better than information that is important to you. Please the customer not the technical team.
  • Inspiring people so they try is better call to actionPlease the customer not the sales team.

Focus on the customer and the rest becomes reality!

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