Why Social Media is difficult for Business

Social media can be difficult for companies as they are so used to writing in a formal way. That is why I believe creating a social culture within your business is important. If you are used to speaking and writing in a formal way, sprinkled with jargon….then it is difficult to adapt to the social side of the web.

Social marketing is not about making the 'formal more informal'…..that causes the social media to lose personality and feel stilted.

Social marketing is about moving from 'informal to engaging' and the only way it can be engaging is if it speaks in the readers language, with their tone and with content creation that is relevant to their life.

The business world and indeed internal cultures is moving from formal business dialect to sound good….to engaging, business words that sound like their consumers.

When I work with businesses…we don't work on how to make the formal more informal….we start with the human voice naturally inside the business professionals and make that…more engaging.

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