The Power of your Whisper in Business

I recently discussed Storybranding on The Engaging Brand with the wonderful Jim Signorelli. During the interview I discussed a brilliant quote in his book

"what I like in a good author is not what he says but what he whispers" Logan Pearsall Smith

What I loved about this quote was how this captured the essence of engagement. This may have been in a storytelling capacity but just take one moment to think about how it relates to business, how it relates to branding, how it relates to leadership, how it relates to product development….

When you think about greatness, be it a brand, leader, team etc… a way isn't it the same? Its not the huge things that matter, it is the little things or even a gesture…

In social marketing, social business and social leadership…..

  • It is not what you say, its what you do
  • Its not what you do, its how you make me feel
  • And how you make me feel is the whisper….


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