The Hidden Secret of Google

Google or more generally search engines have brought such access to the world. We have access at our fingertips to so much information BUT there is a danger.

When something is easy, when specific information is so accessible….do we forget to explore, do we close down rather than open up the world of information?Footprints

Remember as a child, I bet you explored the house…new packaging… crawled around looking for things that engaged you. When you were doing that, you were widening your experience and your knowledge.

Google is wonderful and I personally don't know what I would do without it – however I always take 15 minutes in my day to wander…to explore the web…following links, typing in random search queries..why?

Because when we explore we open ourselves up to new experiences….we open ourselves up to new ideas…so this weekend don't implore Google to tell you something, explore Google with the eyes of a child.

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