Is Social Media Shabby Chic?

Funny how we progress and yet there is always a sense of nostalgia. Funny how retro is always "in" and how shabby chic is an expression of the past but with a twist of the future. It makes me think about social marketing and how that too is an expression of the past with a twist of the future.Chic

Social media in a sense can be seen as shabby chic. After all marketing in the early part of last century was about talking to people and relying on word of mouth in the local area. Mass production required brands to speak to a wider audience however what the world wide web brings is that personal touch, that personal conversation that brands always have relied upon.

Social marketing may be less formal because it speaks at an individual level however it is traditional in the sense that the traditional values remain….

  • Promises delivered must be more than promises made…to help it spread.
  • People will soon see through a fake smile or fake relationship. Be true.
  • What you say is important BUT what you do is much more vital.
  • Speak to the needs and problems of the consumer first and your solution second.

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