Do you embrace doing nothing?

In an age when the social web and social networking seems to drain our time available…there is one action that can be incredibly powerful

Doing nothing!

We are so busy tweeting, working on action lists, working in the business…that we forget the power of doing nothing. Doing nothing is great for your own personal development but it can also be a great tool for improving the customer experience.

For personal development, allowing your brain to digest all the messages we are consuming can really aid your creativity. Doing nothing is one of the most productive things for your brain.

For customer service, remember silence can be a most valuable tool. It may be their need for you to listen, it may be culling your emails, it may be allowing people to browse. 

In a social age, there is a risk of being too social! Social is not about constantly communicating, it is about engaging and valuing each other's views.

How often do you listen in a day?

How often do you think rather than do?

How often do you review what you are telling, sending or showing your customer?


  1.' says

    So true!!! I schedule time away regularly — just a day every now and then — and often come back to my office with a refreshed outlook AND a huge list of ideas and strategies and opportunities.

    And the concept of “do nothing” also works in sales, too. So many business owners try to overwhelm prospects with sales efforts when sometimes a prospect will sell themselves during a few minutes of silence.

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